Wednesday, July 26, 2006


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Carbon and Oxygen is main guest in Cosmos Olympia.

And to create a model of the atomic nucleus pair these, I was exhausted honestly.

I got a rest for a while if I draw the remaining Oxygen, Beryllium, Calcium in Chapter 5th.

It is hoped that because not afford even to not leave the Lithium, and try to draw someday.
- Aug,2nd,2014

I was an engineer.

 To be interested only in the fact objectively, thus I was traind.

 Peoples and usual society tell often the cheat and the lies are inevitable.

 We were suffered in mal-translation with those cheats, specially for the circuit of energy and IC designer.

 It does, after all, such a thing created with physics is obliged as the business by laws of payment and security, etc. within person's handling.

 Becomeing these my age, and it has started finally understanding
such ambiguous business-technology.

 Then, it gets down to main stories.

 Considerably long terms placed between the world of logic and non-logic like the above-mentioned, and my stomach is over stressed.

 I got an ulcer when I was young, during it was subtle treatment, and while cheating in ouchi painful with the cigarette and alchole afterwards.

 I survived by two bags, too, at 3 o'clock(hungry, and the middle of the night) when honestly embarrassed me with stomachake healer "Sacron" for about 15 years.

 Find that it is possible to overwork any further when associating for 30 years with such a stomachake useful as a sensor.

 I was noticed the truth when walking the way back at a certain afternoon from the way of company though it was reincurnated me.
 when I felt that everything did not go well after just comparing those times.

 Concretely, it doesn't say as it is very bad what but my egoism makes feel so.

 A little on foot from the house to the station of 12 minutes though out of the house on the way 2 minutes ealier, and the way comparatively is slowly purposeless but with reluxation.

 Revelation surrounded me comfortable really.

 My stomachake sensor has given an safe signal in effectiveness unusually.

 With good acceptable mind mode, be going to try incidentally, and, then, ..about the home and money.., my hobby, the weather, and flower, and so on.. ..the combination of all these phenomena.. ..,..Then, I felt that the body is a little floating.

 There were a lot of agony spended circuit-like life.

 However, feeling it shall not have been a little except.

 Feeling where the body is floating can be obtained by paying 5% as a consumption tax of time-consumer like me.

 Reaching an end of this confess soon. I draws only a little in detail.

 Family etc. who will be waiting for you with surrounding air, wind, sunlight, sound, smell, and your return in tottering step because time is eyes of room 5%. (even your son of opposite opinion)

 Or, when going to work, let's melt the content and all of co-workers at the office in "Feel and accept everything the existence".

 Let's melt the string of a logical connection "Lye" to the air in the presence frontward.

 Let's accept everything. "all phenomena". Even space, air and the airplane, even the universe etc.

 I think that you notice your egoism whether to make up the fiction of logic with a very fragile counterfeit after this acceptance walking goes well.

 The acceptance means the egoism possibly be melted to the air.

 The egoism is forcibly denied, and it falls uselessly, and you should takes care not making the fiction again.

 And, please accept the egoism partially of your air ahead, too.

 The number of those who accept you increases when your egoism
becomes weak, the mystery have to occur.

 surely increase. But slowly ・・・ might be so.

 Then, the air that is behind you supports, and lifts your painful weight only though is a little.

 Religious example will be better stuff for realize.

 The tale which it will be feel a pain, even the cheek of the remainder striked, and the eve's apple, even Pandora's box after your success of melt to the air.

 In Buddhism case.

 It seems to be able to weaken it though neither the agony for struggled life (so as to energy) nor theory of cause and effect "Calma"
(so as to time) disappear as long as one breathes.

 You who is the taxpayer the time quantity of 5% will obtain victory.

 May be, the following win even if defeated.
 It is good in five minutes or ten minutes, and prepare the acceptance walking, please when you compete.
 Nature (all of a surrounding structure) and everything (all things that relate to the your spiritual) are accepted and it walks.

 In the image training before the match, there is no one more than this.

 Air ahead is resisted if it logically sees only ahead (scientific forecast action etc.), and you will be tired.

The resistance of the previous state is reduced by half only by feeling that air in the back pushes the body.
 You surely become air in the person who walks ahead back at one time.

 It is wonderful more, isn't it?
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